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                                                     "Meeting Queen was the highlight of our Career's"
As part of the world wide "Rhapsody Tour" , Queen & Adam Lambert headed to Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane Queensland on the 13th February 2020. John and Wayne were part of the VIP Crew which included a pre dinner and drinks, backstage tour, merchandise pack and seats on the stage sharing the bands perspective looking out to over 40,000 adoring fans.
Driving rain persisted the entire concert but the Show went on without a hitch highlighting the professionalism of the band and crew.
When John & Wayne met the band, Roger took a step back, Adam was intrigued and Brian greeted the boys as if they were old friends.
"The opportunity to meet Queen may never come again and it's a moment we will always cherish" John said.
"Being only metres away from Brian and Roger and the whole band was incredible. I could feel myself wanting to steel a bass guitar and join them on stage " said Wayne .
    The images below were taken from John & Wayne's personal collection of the Concert.
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