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Andrew Edwards  - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Playing the part of Brian May is an overwhelming task for any seasoned guitarist, but Andrew takes on the role with grace and 100% commitment. Constant study of every riff and lick is a full time job as well as tweaking the Amps and Sound Effects that create the signature Brian May & Queen sound.
Andrew's passion for guitar and music started in his early teens, listening to and learning from the greats such as Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, and Eric Clapton.
Andrew has also worked behind the scenes as a stage hand with some of the biggest Rock Bands of our time including The Rolling Stones, The Who, Guns & Roses and Black Sabbath.
Ironically while working on the Queen & Adam Lambert Tour in 2014, Andrew was assigned to look after Wardrobe for Brian May , meeting him briefly during costume changes.
Three "Red Special"  Brian May Guitars and Vox AC30 Amps are used by Andrew to capture the look and tone of one of the greatest Guitarists of All Time.






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